The first thing to tell you is that this is my favourite gallery on the site. I've got be honest and say it makes me proud to be able to showcase these images that capture so many different moments during what is the most important day of a couples' life.

I hope that my love of wedding photography shines through in every image. The part I love the most is meeting people and getting to know them. Watching people have fun and laugh until they cry makes me smile a lot and it's something I love to capture. I love watching the whole day as it unfolds, and when I say the 'whole' day, I mean everything from sunrise until the dancing well into the night.

I think it's really important that you, as a couple, like all of the people who come together to make your wedding day amazing; the cake maker, the florist, the magician, the band, but especially the photographer. As well as taking beautiful photos, I am polite, courteous, helpful (I can tie ties, pin buttonholes, give people a lift to the venue and anything else you might need me for) but most of all I never loose site of the fact that it is your day and no one else's. Certainly not mine.

I will be there in the background watching from a distance and capturing the day as it unfolds. I take in the little glances, the tears, the smiles and all of the tiny but crucial details that you have both spent months planning and preparing; the colour scheme, the table names, the favours, the decor, the unforgettable guest book idea and everything else that goes to make your wedding day unique to you.

When I am taking photos, I promise won't ask you to pretend to do anything that looks awkward or drape you across a log or in front of a roaring fire! It's not what I do. Everything happens pretty organically with no fuss, just as it should be and I am there to capture every minute of it.

I never underestimate how much of your time and effort goes into planning your wedding day and I am always truly amazed at all of the little touches that help to tell the story of your day. As well as the beautiful, natural shots of you, the newly married couple, I LOVE taking photos of all of the small, little details that I believe are really important in telling the story of your day. When it comes to designing a beautiful album after your wedding, it's these details that provide the glue to bind together each chapter of the day.

You might see me on the ground taking photos of the confetti, long after you have left for the wedding breakfast, or looking up at a beautiful ornate ceiling, or it may just be a message in the guest book. When I am taking photos at a wedding, I am always thinking about how each will play their role in an unforgettable story. Your story.