Wall Products

I strongly believe that if you frame a beautiful photo properly it will look stunning whereas if you frame the same photo badly, it will destroy the image. That is why I work with the very best companies available to frame and mount your photos. After your favourite image has been printed using the latest printers and genuine inks, it will be bonded onto an adhesive board to avoid bubbling and unwanted ripples. Then it is mounted and framed with your choice of moulding and delivered sealed and ready to hang. A vast range of frames are available from solid oak to bronze, pewter and other rustic finishes. As well as the more traditional frames behind glass, there is a truly stunning range of modern and contemporary options available such as acrylic box frames, block mounts, aluminium prints, fine art products and mosaics. I have lots of these beautiful products hanging from the walls in my studio, so please do come and have a look around to see them in all their glory. Click on the button above to view the wall products gallery.