The Venues

I have been very lucky and fortunate to have travelled all over the country to visit many beautiful wedding venues, from lovely old village pubs in the country to lavish stately homes to modern city hotels. Wherever you choose to have your wedding reception, I think it is my job as a photographer to capture that place and it's surroundings in all it's glory. This usually means the very first photos I take on the day, early in the morning just as it's getting light. For me, this is a magical time of day and a perfect light for taking photos of buildings, whether it's a church or reception venue. As well as the buildings themselves, I will also look for interesting road signs, colourful gardens, ornate ceilings, sweeping driveways and any unusual features that may go unnoticed in the fun and excitement of your wedding day. Many of the photos you will see in this gallery are taken at first light when it's nice and quiet and with a soft, warm light. I love visiting new venues and each one has it's own character and quality, the very reason you chose it to host your friends and family on your wedding day. And if you've not yet decided on your wedding venue, then you might see somewhere in the gallery that catches your eye!