Happy Couples

We can honestly say we had the most wonderful wedding day, and thankfully, we have the photographs to prove it!

Graham is not only and amazing photographer but also such a lovely person. We found working with him fun and easy. He is so creative, enthusiastic and incredibly hard working.

We got married on 1st December, so a cold frosty morning. Before Graham joined us at the house at 0830, he had already been to the venue and taken some beautiful photos of the frost on the grown and the sun rising over the barn.
I'm so pleased Graham was a part of our day. His approach was fantastic and everyone enjoyed his company. He saw and captured the day through the eyes of everyone.

Graham also produced a wonderful photo book/album, which is absolutely beautiful and tells the story of the day from beginning to end. We still look at it most days!

Thank you Graham for making our day everything we had hoped for and for producing the best wedding photos we have ever seen.

- Rebecca and Tom

We had a few recommendations for photographers for our wedding and looked at them all but Graham stood out by a mile. We visited his studio and absolutely loved his portfolio of work - he has an ability to capture those special moments that as bride and groom you may not get a chance to see on the big day!

He worked like a Trojan from very early to very late but was always smiling and joking making all our guests feel at ease and able to show their best sides.

The book he produced for us was exquisite - exactly what we would have chosen had we compiled it ourselves. It really tells the story of our day capturing the magic and love perfectly.

We heartily recommend Eton Photography to anyone for their special day.

- Victoria and Richard

Choosing the person to record the best day of your life is no small choice; my husband and I made the perfect decision with Graham. He takes the utmost pride in his work and is satisfied with nothing less than perfection.

His warm and thoughtful suggestions made our life easy and his work, which is beautifully captured at his Eton studio, displays his amazing talent. He will capture all of the moments of the big day - from as early as you wish until late into the night - with you, your family and guests the centre of his lens without you even noticing!

After the wedding, his attention to perfection and its associated detailed work continues: the products that he makes are first class - all of our friends love his work and he has gone on to be the photographer at several of my friends' weddings.

A lovely man with a great talent, I fully recommend him for your wedding.

- Emma and Alex

We were absolutely delighted with the service provided by Graham, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. From the very first meeting, to the ongoing help he is giving us with framing photographs, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Graham showed a genuine interest in getting to know us, and ensured he had understood what was most important to us. Many friends and family commented on his pleasant and unobtrusive manner on our wedding day. We are thrilled with the photographs he took, and the photo-book he has compiled really captures the story of our day.

- Helen and Bruce

Graham is not only a fantasticly talented wedding photographer, but a truely professional, hard working guy...very passionate and creative in his role but completely unassuming and so genuinely polite and kind throughout all meet ups and on the day.

When looking for a photographer I met so many who were so brash and overpowering and very much 'in your face', which is exactly what I didn't want as person very nervous at the thought of being photographed! Graham was very much the opposite...he didn't make any of our guests feel uncomfortable, and spent the whole day effortlessly capturing many beautiful shots! Even when our wedding gets mentioned to guests now, many comment on how hard he worked (literally there from 7.30am until 9pm on the hottest day of the year.

He was very happy to stay longer than this too), what a lovely man he was and what an amazing standard of photos he created. Thoroughly worth every penny. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone!

- Michelle and Phil

Graham is a wonderful photographer and we have been so pleased with the service we have received from him. We booked him after seeing him in action at my brother’s wedding the year before. They were equally impressed with him and the photos they got of their day. It was lovely to meet in his studio in Eton a number of times both before and after the wedding.

It really felt like he wanted to get to know us and was focused on what we wanted from our day and was accommodating with all our suggestions (including having a photo booth in the evening). On the day he did not seem to stop working and was so helpful and polite with all the guests. We have been very pleased with the album and will treasure it forever.

He is also helping my parents design their own album too. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, he has given us a first class service and is well worth the price. I know friends who have gone with cheaper photographers and they have not been impressed with the results. I am so glad we spent a little extra to have such beautiful photos to remember the day by.

- Tessa and Gary

Booking Graham was a simple decision...

Who would have thought that choosing a wedding photographer could be so difficult? Perhaps I had been a little naïve- after all, capturing the essence of a day so perfectly, that a couple can re-live those moments for years to come is really no small feat!

Just as I was beginning to think that pushy and smarmy was part of the job description for a wedding photographer... I met Graham.
Graham’s relaxed and friendly nature was refreshing, there was no pressure and I honestly think the connection between us was instant for both my Husband and I.

We spent a long time chatting to Graham , even before we asked him to be our photographer, Graham asked us not only about where we were getting married, but about the significance of the smaller details too. This attention to detail and understanding of us, was later evident in the wonderful photo album he created.

His relaxed and friendly nature carried through to our big day too, EVERYONE commented on what a nice guy Graham was. He completely charmed everyone from my 83 year old grumpy Grandma, to my 7 year old nephew who thought he was David Bailey! He blended into the crowd like an old friend, often invisible and in doing so, captured some of the most beautifully natural moments of real happiness.

Our day passed by in the blink of an eye, but the album that Graham has created does everything on my wish list – it captures so perfectly the essence not only of our day but of my husband and me. It tells the story of our day, and every time we look through it together, we are transported back to that very moment. We have loved showing everyone our album and it really is one our most prized procession.
" Who would have thought that choosing a photographer could be so difficult? " - After meeting Graham the decision was simple.

Thank you Graham, for being you! For keeping us calm on the day; for charming our guests; but most of all for creating such a wonderful and lasting reminder of our special day.

- Caroline and Colin

Graham was recommended to us by a friend and was the first and only photographer we met with. We knew instantly that he would be perfect. His work is just beautiful and the attention to detail and styling shots added to this. Nothing was too much trouble; he just fitted in to suit us. He even braved climbing a rather large tree to take a brilliant shot of the whole wedding party. What a man!!!! We seriously could not recommend Graham enough. He is a true gentleman with an amazing talent and would leave you the best memories for the rest of your life! Thank you Graham x x x

- Jordanna and Oli

We first met Graham at a Wedding Fair at the place we got married. From the moment we met him and saw his work, we knew he was the photographer for us. We were impressed with the quality of his work and how accommodating he was throughout our wedding plans and on the day.

Graham was very organised and helpful and it was a pleasure having him at our wedding. Some photographers tend to boss people around but Graham is not like that. He was just like a PA to the bride and spent time and effort in making sure everyone was in place and looked great in the photos. He started very early in the day and stayed till very late and no extra charge.

Our photos are amazing (in fact the one above is of our wedding) and were ready by the time we got back from our honeymoon. Thanks to Graham we have the best day of our lives captured forever.

- Sam and Mark

We decided to use Graham as our wedding photographer after seeing him in action at my best friend’s wedding the previous May and we were so pleased we choose him to capture our special day. Graham is the most lovely, thorough and professional photographer you could wish for. He fitted into our wedding day like he was a member of our extended family. We trusted him implicitly and hardly even noticed he was there.

Graham captured our day perfectly, exactly how we remembered it- everyone laughing and having so much fun. His shots are natural and tell the story of the day wonderfully. Our photobook is stunning and I know Graham put a lot of thought and time into it, constantly consulting us about our preferences of picture for the front and back covers, fonts and general look and feel we were after.

I would not hesitate to recommend Graham ( in fact I already have!) and am sure my husband and I will use him in the future to photograph other special occasions.

- Lucy and Gareth

Graham is a very supportive and understanding photographer. He listened to our wishes closely before our wedding and the results speak for themselves. Our wedding album is full of pictures of our close friends and family looking smiley and happy and the shots are natural - a real pleasure to look back on. We asked Graham for some specific shots which he easily managed to incorporate.

Graham was fantastic at every stage and has given so much support since the wedding day too, to ensure we were happy. I would recommend Graham to anyone looking for a caring and skilled photographer with an emphasis on service.

- Julie and Peter

From the moment we first met Graham at a wedding show we instantly warmed to his friendly, relaxed approach. This also showed in the brilliant photographs and wedding albums he had on display, which were in the lovely, natural, reportage style we were looking for. When we met him again at his studio, he was very welcoming, and his passion for his work was clear.We were never made to feel our wedding was just another one for him to shoot, but he was committed to capturing the story of our day in the best way possible, and to do that he made a lot of effort to really get to know us as a couple.

Throughout, he always listened to what we wanted and made sure we were comfortable and happy with all our decisions, but he also suggested many great ideas - we always felt confident that our wedding photography was in very safe hands. As all brides to be will know, having someone working on your wedding who you trust completely is absolutely invaluable.

On the day, Graham was with me and my bridesmaids from 9am and continued shooting well into the reception. Although I remember him being around I was never really aware of him taking pictures. Graham has a way of making everyone very relaxed, he never encourages you to pose, but just to enjoy your day and that way he captures people’s real personalities and raw emotions.

As with all great wedding days, ours went by in a wonderful whirlwind of happiness and excitement so when we went to the studio to view a slide show of all the many photos from our wedding it was so lovely to replay the day back in our memories with these beautiful and honest images. We now have a stunning photo book of our Big Day and friends and family have loved looking at it and reminiscing. We are so grateful to Graham for capturing our day, all our friends and family, and the many emotions we experienced. In our memories it had seemed the most amazing day of our lives and when we saw the photos we knew it was, without a doubt.

- Olivia and Theo