The Details

In this gallery, you won't find any people. But what you will see are all of the little but important details that you will spend considerable time and effort planning to make your wedding individual and unique. I love this gallery and think that the little things are just as important as anything else on your big day. At your wedding, I hunt high and low for little yet significant details that you have chosen to include on your wedding day; things like the wedding favours, the table names, handwritten signs and place names, the jewellery and, of course, the food and drink. But it may also be something that happens spontaneously on the day; a champagne cork left on a table, confetti lining the church path, a note in the guest book or a beautiful sunrise that you may not see for yourself. These little things bring colour and interest to your wedding storybook and create an everlasting record of everything from the perfume you wore to the delicious food you enjoyed at your wedding breakfast. Click on the link above to view the Details gallery.