I love albums. I love picking them up and touching and feeling the gorgeous paper and smelling the sumptuous leather covers. Strange, I know, but you really do have to experience it for yourself to appreciate how good they look and feel. Beautiful, elegant, exquisite handmade albums are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes from 6" square up to an imposing 20" square. They simply have to be seen to appreciate the work and effort that goes into every single one. The photographic reproduction is breath-taking achieved using the very best inks and printing techniques. You can choose from a range of beautiful covers, from genuine leather to colourful canvases and a choice of smaller parent albums provides a thoughtful and everlasting gift for friends and family. I have lots of examples of these stunning albums here in the studio if you would like to see them for yourselves. Click on the button above to view the album gallery.